CESL games follow FIFA rules except:
1. Each team must play with at least 9 players. If a team has to borrow more than 2 players from the opposition, the game is forfeited to the team with the surplus players 2-0 regardless of the final score.
2. If both teams agree to cancel a game (e.g. due to weather) it is NOT a forfeit. The game is treated as a 0-0 draw.
3. No limits on the number of substitutions but they can only take place with the explicit permission of the referee.
4. Slide tackles are not permitted. A slide tackle which is also a foul results in a direct freekick while one which is not a foul is an indirect freekick.
5. If both teams have less than 9 players the game must be cancelled with a 0-0 score.
6. If a team must forfeit, its captain must notify the league and the opposition at least 24 hours before kickoff. Any referee fee incurred because of late notice will be payable in full by the forfeiting team.

1. 3 points awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, and no points for a loss.
2. Standings are determined in order of descending importance: points awarded, goal difference, games won, goals scored, points against tying team.

Yellow and Red Cards
1. Standard rules on cards, i.e. two yellows equal a red and the player is off for the rest of the match. The team must play one man short for the remainder of the game.
2. Team captains MUST report any player who receives a red or two yellow cards in one game to the league.
4. A player will be suspended from playing in the CESL for the remainder of the season upon receiving a second red card (straight or from two yellows).
5. No game suspensions after a player's first red card.
6. The league will deduct points for teams with excessive cards: 1 for first 20 yellow cards and 1 more point for every 4 after that. Reds count as 2 yellows. Point deduction will occur as the limits are reached.

1. Each team is responsible for bringing a minimum of 9 players, 1 goal net, 2 corner flags, 2 game balls.
2. Players must wear shin guards at all times.
3. To avoid clashes, all teams are requirerd to obtain league permission before changing jerseys.
4. Each team must provide a volunteer linesmen on each side of the pitch at the start of each half as long as there is at least 1 sub available.
5. If games are cancelled due to reasons other than defaults (e.g. weather), teams can agree to reschedule. If either team chooses not to reschedule, match is considered a 0-0 draw. The cost of booking a field will be shared by both teams. The league will help with arranging the booking but not the cost.
6. If a team does not have enough players and must cancel a game, notice must be given to the league and the opposition by no later than 3pm the day before the match. Any referee fee incurred as a result of insufficient notice will be paid by the forfeiting team.

Player/Team Conduct
Players found under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances and/or possessing a weapon will be removed from the league for the rest of the season, with the possibility of being suspended from any future participation.
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